Case Study: 
NFU Mutual

Elevating Internal Communication

The way an organisation conveys information to its employees plays a pivotal role in engagement and a sense of belonging.

Our client NFU Mutual, were looking for a solution to improve employee engagement with their internal communications. 

That’s where we came in.

The Challenge

NFU Mutual, a progressive company valuing effective internal communication, had been utilising simple text emails for correspondence with their employees from their Learning Management System (LMS) and Performance Management System (PMS), Cornerstone. While these emails served the fundamental purpose of sharing information to their employees, they lacked the visual appeal and brand consistency that could elevate the overall employee experience. Recognising the potential impact of a more polished internal communication strategy, NFU Mutual sought our expertise to enhance their email communication within the organisation.

The Solution

Understanding NFU Mutual’s need for a more professional and visually engaging internal communication style, we proposed a transition towards branded HTML emails. This approach aimed not only to enhance the aesthetic appeal and ease of use for an employee but also to provide an opportunity to showcase the company's brand identity consistently within the organisation.

How did we get there?

We initiated the process with a comprehensive branding consultation, delving into the client's brand guidelines, colour schemes, and design philosophy. By aligning our efforts with their existing brand elements, we aimed to create a seamless extension of their identity within the internal communication space.

With a clear understanding of the NFU Mutual's brand, we crafted visually appealing HTML email templates. These templates incorporated the company's logo, colours, and typography, ensuring a cohesive and professional look that resonated with the brand image. The use of HTML allowed for various headers, buttons, and a more engaging internal communication experience.

Recognising the range of devices used by employees, we prioritised responsive design. The new HTML emails were optimised for viewing on desktops, tablets, and smartphones, ensuring a seamless experience regardless of the platform.

To enhance engagement within the organisation, we introduced personalised elements and interactive features within the emails. This not only added a touch of personalisation but also encouraged employees to actively engage with the content.


The Results

The transition from plain text to branded HTML emails yielded significant results for NFU Mutual's internal communication strategy. Below are some key outcomes from the project:

Increased Employee 

The visually appealing and well-branded emails captured the attention of employees, leading to increased engagement with internal communications.

Enhanced Brand 
Presence Internally

Consistent branding across internal emails reinforced the company's identity, making it more recognisable and instilling a sense of unity among employees.

Improved Information 

The shift to HTML emails allowed for more dynamic and interactive content, enabling to convey information more effectively and creatively.

The Conclusion

The way organisations convey information to their employees is paramount. The transformation from simple text emails to branded HTML emails not only elevated NFU Mutual’s internal communication strategy but also strengthened their brand presence within the organisation. This case highlights the power of embracing modern communication tools to enhance the internal employee experience, fostering engagement and a positive organisational culture.

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